Choosing a solicitor for Shared Ownership

Buying a home is an exciting time, but it can be confusing. A solicitor can help you purchase your home by explaining the steps involved and complete the legal paperwork.

You should check that your chosen solicitor has dealt with Shared Ownership in the past. It is also worth asking them if they are authorised to work on behalf of the mortgage lender selected.

Our panel of suggested solicitors

Our panel of suggested solicitors for Shared Ownership are here to help you if you are not sure which solicitor to choose.

Please be aware that we do not offer any warranty for this list, and it is your responsibility to ensure satisfaction with both the cost and level of service from your chosen solicitor.

Cook, Taylor, Woodhouse Solicitors

Contact Name: Anthea Lazaros
Telephone: 0208 859 9297

Direction Law

Contact Name: Wayne More-Read
Telephone: 0800 158 8281

Lawcomm Solicitors

Contact Name: Kate Gibas
Telephone: 01489 864110

Rowe Radcliffe

Contact Name: Amanda Swain
Telephone: 0208 680 2070

Tayntons Solicitors

Contact Name: Claire Burrow
Telephone: 0800 158 4147

Walsh Solicitors

Contact Name: Kim Derbyshire
Telephone:0161 696 9786

Wards Solicitors

Contact Name: Liz Pople
Telephone: 0117 943 4800