Outright Sales

What are Outright Sale properties?

These are properties, owned by The Guinness Partnership, which have become vacant and a decision has been made to sell these properties on the open market. Some of these properties may require substantial works to bring them up to a habitable standard. If you purchase an Outright Sale property, you will own 100% of the leasehold or freehold. Once sold, The Guinness Partnership will reinvest the capital receipt into the provision of new affordable housing.

How do I find out about Outright Sale properties?

The properties will be advertised in local estate agents and on our property pages of this website. Just click here and enter the area you are looking to buy a property in.

Am I eligible for an Outright Sale property?

Priority will be given to Guinness Tenants in the first instance. There are no economic restrictions, you just need to be able to afford to purchase 100% of the property value.

What are the costs of purchasing?

You will have to pay all the costs associated with the property purchase including: solicitor's fees, mortgage lenders fees and stamp duty (where applicable). We estimate these costs to be in the region of around £3,000.

What else do I pay?

Once you have bought the property, you will own the property outright and be responsible for all the maintenance costs. You will also be responsible for all utility bills and for the Local Authority Community tax.

How do I purchase an Outright Sale property?

If you are interested in an Outright Sale property, please contact us stating which property you would like to purchase. The sales team will then refer you onto the relevant estate agent to arrange a viewing.

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