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A Guide to Living in Finningley near Doncaster

Posted February 1, 2024
A Guide to Living in Finningley near Doncaster

Those contemplating moving and living in Finningley, will stumble upon a tight-knit community with countryside living.

Finningley is a tranquil village positioned within the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster, a local government district in South Yorkshire. It is in an area that was once a part of the historic division known as the Riding of Yorkshire, a title that conjures images of rural landscapes and agricultural heritage. 

The village exudes the quintessential rural charm befitting a postcard, with its quaint village green and its iconic duck pond acting as social glue for the community. The Finningley Village Hall serves as the village’s social heart, actively engaging inhabitants with a variety of events and activities. For the younger crowd, Lindley Road Park provides playgrounds and open spaces for spirited play and outdoor fun.

The surrounding open countryside beckons walkers and nature enthusiasts. There’s plenty of things to do and places to visit near Finningley. Connectivity is a breeze with well-established transport links, making navigation to and from the village effortless via the M180, A1(M), and A638.

Finningley emerges as a Yorkshire gem, perfect for those in search of authentic community living. Boasting a low crime rate, attractive housing market, and a tapestry of nature trails, Finningley curates a lifestyle of peace and comfort for every resident, be it families or individuals.

Transport and Commuting


The road network is one of Finningley’s most significant transportation assets. Major thoroughfares such as the A614 connect the village directly to neighbouring communities, including Auckley and Branton. For those travelling further afield, Finningley is in proximity to major motorways like the M180 and the A1(M), ensuring efficient access to larger cities such as Sheffield, Leeds, and even London. These roads are critical for local commuters and also support the economic vitality of the region by enabling the efficient movement of goods and services.

Public Transport

Regular bus services operate to and from Finningley, connecting passengers to the wider Doncaster area and beyond.


Rail transport plays a part as well, with tentative plans for reopening the Finningley railway station, which could enhance the village’s connectivity. Meanwhile, Doncaster Station, which is one of the largest railway stations within South Yorkshire, is accessible via a short car or bus journey. Doncaster Station acts as a hub on the East Coast Main Line with frequent services to major cities like Edinburgh and London, making it an essential asset for both local and long-distance travellers.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Formerly known as Robin Hood Airport, is just a short drive away. It closed in 2022 because of the financial viability. There is potential that the airport may reopen.

Finningley Church

The esteemed Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s Church, a sanctuary for the faithful, on the tranquil Rectory Lane. This church serves as a cornerstone of the Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s Parish in Finningley, which extends its spiritual leadership to include St Saviour’s Church in the nearby village of Auckley, illustrating a dedication to community welfare and firm safeguarding practices, especially regarding the protection of children.

This church is a vital component of the collective known as the FAB parishes, which is a collaborative ministerial partnership committed to nurturing the spirit of the communities across Finningley, Auckley, and Blaxton. Together with St Saviour’s Church in Auckley, it delivers pastoral care and fellowship to the parishioners.

In addition, the parish of Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s fosters relationships with other ecclesiastical establishments like St Michael’s Church in the Old Rossington Village, which lies in proximity to Doncaster.

For those interested in exploring service times, upcoming parish events, or the rich tapestry of Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s Church’s past, a wealth of detailed information is accessible via the parish’s website or by reaching out through established communication lines for direct engagement.

Finningley Church

Finningley Quarry

Finningley Quarry is a serene lake, it was once a sandstone quarry and has since become a favoured destination for wild swimming. Its crystal-clear waters, varying depths, and temperate zones cater to swimmers of all abilities. Framed by trees, this scenic location offers not only swimming but also rock exploration and wildlife observation, including various fish and birds.

The site is ideal for picnics and leisure, with ample seating and opportunities for countryside walks. Finningley Quarry promises a tranquil retreat for swimming, relaxation, and nature exploration.

Finningley Village Hall 

Finningley Village Hall stands as a Grade II listed edifice of historical significance, nestled in the quaint village core, just a stone’s throw from Old Bawtry Road, embraced by the village’s designated conservation zone. With its foundations laid in 1850, this hall embodies a long-standing commitment to cultivating community spirit and togetherness among its populace.

This community hub boasts a range of facilities, comprising:

  • A practical kitchen space for catering needs
  • A spacious main hall for events and gatherings
  • An intimate meeting room for smaller groups
  • Sufficient tables and seating accommodations
  • Washroom amenities

The hall presents itself as a quintessential locale for a variety of local events and activities, offering a congenial and fully equipped setting for villagers to convene for social, educational, and leisurely activities.

Parks and Green Spaces

The main green space in Finningley is Lindley Road Park. This local park has a children’s play area, offering a safe and fun environment for kids to frolic and engage in various outdoor activities. The open spaces around the play equipment invite family picnics and casual sports, making it a favourite for weekend outings and a space for fostering friendships within the community.

In proximity to Finningley is also the well-appointed Thorne Memorial Park in the village of Thorne. Rich in landscaped gardens and expansive lawns, the park serves as a perfect venue for a quiet walk, jogging, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. Its dedicated picnic areas and trails make it a convivial environment for get-togethers and outdoor events.

A little further afield, the sprawling Yorkshire Wildlife Park offers a unique blend of recreation and education. Although not a traditional park, this landmark provides a vast, walkable area that allows visitors to observe and learn about a wide variety of animal species in large enclosures designed to mimic their natural habitats. The Wildlife Park, with its interactive experiences and play areas, has become an instrumental part of the larger green space offerings near Finningley.

For those seeking tranquillity and a dose of natural beauty, the Humberhead Peatlands Nature Reserve, encompassing Thorne and Hatfield Moors, is situated not too far from Finningley. It’s a site of significant scientific interest and one of the UK’s largest lowland raised peat bogs—a sanctuary for rare wildlife and a variety of plant species. Nature trails and guided walks provide an immersive experience of this unique landscape.

Finningley Peacocks

Dining and Local Pubs

The Harvey Arms

In the heart of Auckley, close to Finningley in Doncaster, you’ll find The Harvey Arms – a hospitable local pub that prides itself on serving an assortment of cuisine options ranging from classic pub fare to British culinary delights. Renowned for its sumptuous meals, fine selection of ales, and vibrant ambiance, it’s a go-to spot for an enjoyable dining experience. Guests looking to visit The Harvey Arms can easily book a table, preview the diverse menu offerings, peruse pricing information, and glance over images and customer feedback to know what to expect.

The Station Hotel

Nestled within the village of Blaxton, near Finningley in Doncaster, The Station Hotel invites patrons with its promise of scrumptious eats, refreshing brews, and an overall delightful visit. This establishment holds a place of distinction as one of Blaxton’s finest pubs in South Yorkshire, acclaimed for its hospitality and culinary standards.

Both public houses are conveniently located within the bustling Finningley vicinity, one of Doncaster’s sought-after regions for tourists, and are surrounded by an array of attractions and lodging options, enriching the local gastronomic and social landscape.

Golden Sun – Chinese Restaurant

The only Chinese restaurant in Finningley. They offer a variety of Chinese dishes including seafood, rice, pork, and more. They have special appetisers, soups, English dishes, omelette dishes, and various other categories of dishes. They provide delivery and pickup options.

Garden Centres

Branton Farm Nurseries (also known as Hagans) 

Operating as a cherished family-owned establishment in Yorkshire since 1854, Branton Farm Nurseries exemplifies heritage and horticultural passion. They boast an extensive selection of flora, gardening essentials, various tools, and accessories to fulfil any green thumb’s needs. They provide tailor-made garden structures, including sheds and outbuildings. For further details or to make purchases, you can either visit their local store or reach out to them directly.

Walkers Nurseries 

At Walkers Nurseries, garden enthusiasts will not only find a premier selection of botanicals but also receive expert guidance. This garden haven extends beyond greenery; it features a café for delectable homemade cuisine and excellent coffee, a specialty food store for gastronomic delights, a gift shop filled with elegant items, exhibition gardens to spark design ideas, products for outdoor living, and a space for children to play. With a keen eye on environmental sustainability and green practices, Walkers Nurseries is a green oasis. 

Farm Shops

McCallums Farm Shop, with its roots as a quaint farm shop, has flourished into a family-operated venture featuring a charmingly transformed barn outlet. Their commitment lies in providing customers with fresh, locally sourced produce, all within a welcoming atmosphere. McCallums entices with publicly accessible fishing lakes and an inviting café on site.

RAF Finningley

RAF Finningley was a significant Royal Air Force station near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, with origins dating back to 1915. Utilised during both World Wars, it played a prominent role as a bomber base in WWII within the RAF Bomber Command, contributing to the offensive against Germany. Post-war, the station transitioned to a training centre, notably for navigators and flight engineers. The RAF Finningley Air Show, a popular event, further cemented the base’s reputation during the Cold War era, showcasing impressive air displays to the public.

The airfield adapted over time, with facilities upgraded to accommodate heavier aircraft such as the Vulcan bomber—central to the UK’s nuclear deterrent strategy. However, the Cold War’s end started a scaling down of operations, leading to its decommissioning in 1995. The former RAF Finningley was reborn as the commercial Doncaster Sheffield Airport, thus repurposing the historic site while maintaining its aviation legacy. Although its military chapter has closed, RAF Finningley remains etched in the heritage of British aviation and is commemorated through its transformation into a beacon of regional aeronautical service.

Local Towns and Villages

Bawtry is a charming small town in South Yorkshire, England, situated conveniently near Finningley, Doncaster. It’s a haven for walking enthusiasts who can enjoy routes like the serene Wetlands Walk and the picturesque Lindholme Lakes Plantation Walk. Golf aficionados can tee off at Bawtry Golf Club, where a challenging course melds with stunning vistas. Transport is a breeze thanks to connections like the M180, A1(M), and A638, plus rail links from the nearby Doncaster Station.

Nearby, the village of Thorne is another gem close to Finningley, nestled along the A614. Thorne is the quintessential setting for various outdoor activities, boasting the idyllic Thorne Memorial Park for strolls and picnicking, and the Thorne Mill Reservoir, a haven for tranquil walks and birdwatching splendour.

Auckley, part of Finningley’s ward, rests conveniently near Finningley, with effortless access to the area’s amenities and sights. Roads such as the A638 and A1(M) ensure seamless connectivity, and with Doncaster Station not far, rail travel is readily accessible.

Branton lies within the Finningley ward and is another village that enjoys easy access to Finningley and beyond, with the A638 and A1(M) paving the way for smooth journeys. Branton shares close ties with the Finningley Village Hall, a centre for communal activities and events.

Blaxton, also part of the Finningley ward, it connects seamlessly to Finningley and neighbouring locales via the A638 and A1(M). This village, like its counterparts, benefits from its closeness to the variety of regional attractions and a rich community life.

Houses for Sale in Finningley

Still thinking about moving and living in Finningley? Guinness Homes will provide 23 new build houses for sale in 2024. There will be a select of 2 & 3 bedroom houses on Church Lane, DN9 with private parking and gardens.

Woodlark Place is due to be ready from Summer 2024 (subject to change).