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Best Places to Live in Cheshire

Posted March 19, 2024
Best Places to Live in Cheshire

In this guide to the best places to live in Cheshire, we will cover some of the most popular cities, towns, and villages in this lovely county.

Living in Cheshire offers the best of both worlds: the peace of the countryside and the handy features of city life. It’s a top pick for those wanting a balanced lifestyle. Cheshire has plenty of beautiful villages like Alderley Edge, Tarporley and Knutsford. These places sit among green fields and offer stunning views.

There are also historic cities like Chester and Macclesfield that add to its charm. Being close to big cities like Manchester and Liverpool means easy travel with great transport links, including Manchester Airport.

Cheshire isn’t short on market towns either, with Nantwich, Frodsham, and Northwich standing out. They’re full of small shops, cafes, and boutiques that give a friendly town feel. For nature fans, there’s plenty to see with Tatton Park and the Sandstone Trail nearby. Plus, Chester’s rich Roman history along with lively historic towns such as Crewe adds cultural depth.

Whether exploring The Cheshire Plain or enjoying vibrant high streets in towns like Knutsford, Cheshire blends picturesque countryside charm with modern city conveniences, making it a great place to live.


Macclesfield, known as “Silk Town” because of its history in the silk industry during the 18th and 19th centuries, is a market town in Cheshire, England. It sits on the edge of the Peak District National Park. This location offers beautiful views and plenty of outdoor activities, along with city comforts.

Living in Macclesfield means enjoying both old and new. You can see its history in the architect around town. Some old mills are now modern flats, and there’s a Silk Museum that tells about the town’s past. Macclesfield has a lively arts scene, cool cafes, and unique shops.

One big plus is how close it is to nature. The Peak District offers stunning scenery for walking or cycling just nearby. Yet Macclesfield is also well-connected by transport. Direct trains get you to Manchester in about 25 minutes – perfect for people who work in the city but love the country life.

The community here is strong too. There are lots of events like the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival for arts and culture and Treacle Market – an artsy food market held every month end – which has over 150 stalls.

For practical home life like schools, healthcare facilities, sports clubs; it’s all here too—alongside shopping from big brands to indie stores offering something different.

Houses range from Victorian terraces downtown, to newer houses around town that fit many budgets.

What really makes Macclesfield special? It’s this mix of peaceful countryside living with all you need from urban life nearby—a place where history meets today against a lovely natural backdrop.



Chester is a city rich in history and culture. It’s an exceptional place to live because it combines ancient charm with modern living. Chester is famous for its Roman walls that surround the city. This blend of old and new gives residents a unique lifestyle.

When you live in Chester, you notice its beautiful buildings right away. These buildings encapsulate the exciting historical eras like the Roman ages, medieval period. The heart of the city has Chester Cathedral, showing off medieval architecture. Also notable are the Roman Amphitheatre and half-timbered buildings along the streets.

A special part of Chester is the Rows. These are two-tiered medieval galleries filled with shops ranging from popular brands to independent stores. Since everything in Chester’s centre is close by, shopping, dining out and entertainment are easy to reach.

Chester also offers lovely green spaces such as Grosvenor Park for picnics or walks and River Dee for boat trips or strolls along its banks.

The city has excellent schools and hosts the University of Chester, which adds youthfulness to its atmosphere. There’s always something going on here – cultural festivals or music events catering to various interests.

Getting around and beyond Chester is simple. It has a train station connecting major cities like London, Liverpool and Manchester – perfect for commuters.

What really makes Chester stand out though is its community spirit – there’s an actual sense of belonging among friendly locals who take part actively in community events.

Life here balances being slow-paced yet full of life; traditional but also modern, making it not just a place where people live but thrive, whether they’re families, professionals or students

Chester offers a quality life that’s hard to find elsewhere because of its historical depth and natural beauty.


Nantwich is a charming market town known for its friendly community and rich history that dates back to Roman times. It’s a peaceful yet vibrant place, perfect for families, working professionals, and retirees.

The town stands out with its stunning Tudor and Georgian architecture. You’ll find ancient timber-framed buildings housing unique shops, cosy cafes, and welcoming restaurants offering great shopping and dining experiences. The highlight of Nantwich’s historical sites is St. Mary’s Church, often called the ‘Cathedral of South Cheshire,’ showcasing medieval architectural brilliance.

Nature lovers will appreciate Nantwich’s closeness to breathtaking countryside areas ideal for outdoor activities like walking or biking. The town also has Nantwich Lake – a lovely spot for picnics or walks by the water – with the River Weaver flowing through it, adding to its scenic charm.

Nantwich is lively too; it hosts various events throughout the year, attracting both locals and visitors. Highlights include the Nantwich Show with the International Cheese Awards celebrating local food heritage and an Easter weekend offering Jazz, Blues, and Music Festival that brings music to its streets.

For families considering moving here, you’ll be glad to know Nantwich boasts excellent schools. Plus, its strategic location means easy travel to big cities like Manchester Liverpool, and Chester by road or rail – ideal for commuters.

Whether you’re enjoying local cafes, engaging in festive events, or exploring Cheshire’s countryside, life here balances rural peace with lively town spirit perfectly suited for those seeking fulfilment in their everyday lives.


Flying Scotsman in Crewe

Crewe, in the heart of Cheshire, is more than just a town. Known for its important role in the railway and manufacturing sectors, Crewe has evolved into a modern urban centre that still values its industrial past.

The heart of Crewe’s railway heritage beats strongly at the Crewe Heritage Centre. Here, families and enthusiasts explore the town’s locomotive history through exhibits featuring vintage trains and railway artefacts. This celebration of history brings pride to locals and offers an intriguing experience for those interested in Britain’s rail story.

Life in Crewe is full of amenities, and activities suited to various lifestyles. The bustling town centre features shops, cafes, and restaurants perfect for shopping fans and foodies alike. Recent improvements have made public spaces even more inviting.

For outdoor lovers, Queens Park is a beautiful Victorian park ideal for walks, picnics, and playtime. The town also boasts many sports facilities catering to all from football fans to swimmers.

Education-wise, Crewe shines with several schools focused on developing young minds. Plus, with Cheshire College – South & West campus nearby, there are ample opportunities for further education.

Connectivity is another strength of Crewe; its train station is key on the West Coast Main Line, making travel to cities like Manchester easy.


Northwich is a town that combines its rich history with modern life. This balance makes it an ideal place to live for those who enjoy both nature’s calm and city conveniences. Over the years, Northwich has transformed significantly, becoming a lively community known for places like Barons Quay.

One key aspect of Northwich is its natural environment, especially its salt reserves which have been important to the town’s economy and identity. The Salt Museum is a highlight here, offering insights into this unique heritage. The meeting of the River Weaver and River Dane adds beauty to the area and provides many water-related activities.

Shopping in Northwich offers something for everyone. Barons Quay brings well-known brands while independent shops add charm to the shopping experience. It’s this mix of old and new that makes shopping here special.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Northwich doesn’t disappoint. Places like Marbury Country Park offer green spaces for fun or relaxation. The Anderton Boat Lift opens up opportunities to explore Cheshire’s waterways further.

Whether you’re attracted by historical sites or natural settings along riversides or simply want an engaging community life – all these make calling Northwich home truly appealing.

Ellesmere Port

Ellesmere Port is a lively town in Cheshire, England. It’s a place where the past and present come together beautifully. The town has grown from its roots in shipping and industry to become a thriving community. Its location by the Manchester Ship Canal and the River Mersey played a big part in this growth.

The National Waterways Museum is where you can see Ellesmere Port’s history up close. It tells the story of how canals were key during Britain’s industrial revolution. Visitors can see old canal boats and learn about the town’s role in maritime history.

Shopping and fun activities show how much Ellesmere Port has changed. The Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet is especially popular for its shops, restaurants, and entertainment, making it more than just a shopping spot but also a lifestyle destination.

Nature lovers will enjoy Ellesmere Port too. Places like Rivacre Valley Country Park offer peaceful spots for walks or bike rides, while nearby Wirral Peninsula offers stunning views.

There are lots of local events that bring people together. This friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome right away.

Families thinking about moving here will find good schools for their children, along with excellent transport links that make travelling to places like Liverpool and Chester easy.

Ellesmere Port combines industrial heritage with modern living, set against beautiful natural surroundings – all wrapped up in a welcoming community vibe. Whether you’re after waterside living or want to be near great shopping destinations while enjoying country life access, there’s something here for everyone.

Finding a Home in Cheshire

When finding a home in Cheshire, you’ve got options from high-end areas such as those in The Golden Triangle or Alderley Edge to more affordable spots in Frodsham or Nantwich. The region is known for its quality living standards featuring lots of green spaces, excellent schools, and leisure spots.

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