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Best Places to Live in Harrogate

Posted June 5, 2024
Best Places to Live in Harrogate

Are you considering moving to Harrogate, a charming and highly desirable town to live in North Yorkshire?

Harrogate, located in North Yorkshire, boasts a rich spa history, beautiful gardens, and an active cultural life. It combines urban style with countryside peace. However, choosing the right neighbourhood can be challenging because of its many appealing areas.

Whether you’re a family looking for great schools and parks, a young professional needing transport links, or a retiree wanting peace without losing community spirit, Harrogate has something for you. Each area stands out in its own way. Oatlands and Rossett Green offer quiet suburban retreats. Starbeck provides bustling charm. Pannal boasts tranquil beauty. There’s an ideal neighbourhood ready to welcome you.

Harrogate has been voted as one of the happiest places to live in the UK. It is quite often known as one of the most expensive places to live as well.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top places to live in Harrogate. We’ll look at what makes each neighbourhood unique, including their amenities and lifestyles. With local insights and expert advice, you’ll be ready to find the area that suits your needs and dreams. Whether you’re interested in the grandeur of Duchy, the community feel of Bilton, or the scenic views of Harlow Hill, keep reading to discover your perfect home in this charming English town.


Bilton is a significant residential area in Harrogate. It’s known for its greenery and strong community spirit, offering a mix of urban and semi-rural living. The area suits families well with schools like Richard Taylor Primary School and Harrogate High School.

The picturesque countryside around Bilton is great for walks and outdoor activities. Nidd Gorge and the Harrogate-Bilton Greenway provide peaceful spots to explore. Local amenities include supermarkets, shops, and cosy pubs such as The Knox.

Well-connected bus services make it easy to reach the town centre from Bilton. This neighbourhood is ideal for families or anyone seeking a balanced lifestyle.


Starbeck, located east of Harrogate, is a lively suburb known for its local amenities and transport links. The Starbeck railway station provides direct routes to York and Leeds, ideal for commuters.

The neighbourhood offers diverse housing options, including Victorian terraces and modern homes. A strong community spirit can be seen in places like Starbeck Baths and the local library. Schools such as Starbeck Primary Academy are highly regarded.

High Street hosts various shops, cafes, and restaurants. Additionally, green spaces like Belmont Park add to the area’s family-friendly charm.


Oatlands is a sought-after residential area known for its tree-lined streets and top-notch schools like Oatlands Junior School and St Aidan’s Church of England High School.

Nearby, you’ll find The Stray, a 200-acre park perfect for family picnics and outdoor fun. Local shops, cafes, and boutiques give Oatlands a village vibe while being close to Harrogate town centre.

The area has good public transport with frequent buses to the town and nearby areas. Oatlands suits those wanting a peaceful community feel with easy access to urban amenities.

Harlow Hill

Harlow Hill is known for its beautiful views and green areas, making it one of Harrogate’s most attractive neighbourhoods.

The area is near the Pinewoods and RHS Harlow Carr Gardens, perfect for those who love nature. The housing includes both charming older homes and modern properties, suiting various preferences.

Reputable schools like Rossett Acre Primary School serve this community well. This quiet suburb offers a peaceful lifestyle while being close to the town centre.

With great local amenities and transport links, Harlow Hill attracts both families and retirees.


Jennyfields is a large, well-established residential area offering a variety of housing options. It’s particularly favoured by young families and first-time buyers due to its affordability and local amenities.

The neighbourhood has several parks, including Jennyfield Styan Wellbeing Hub, which hosts various activities and events throughout the year. Schools such as Saltergate Primary School serve the community well.

Shopping needs are met by local supermarkets and small retail outlets. Frequent bus services connect Jennyfields to the town centre and surrounding areas. The strong sense of community, combined with green spaces and amenities, makes Jennyfields a welcoming place to live.


Woodlands is a popular area with both modern and traditional homes. It has many mature trees and landscaped gardens, creating a beautiful setting that attracts families and professionals.

The schools, like Willow Tree Community Primary School, are well-regarded. The neighbourhood is close to main transport routes, making commuting easy. Local amenities include shops, cafes, and sports facilities, providing a balanced community lifestyle.

Woodlands Park is great for outdoor activities. This mix of calm suburban life and urban convenience makes Woodlands an ideal choice in Harrogate.

Rossett Green

Rossett Green is a calm and leafy neighbourhood known for its excellent schools, including Rossett School.

The area offers well-kept homes, ranging from period properties to new builds. Families and healthcare professionals favour it because it’s close to Harrogate District Hospital. Nearby parks and playing fields provide many opportunities for outdoor activities.

Transport links are good here, with regular bus services to the town centre and beyond. The quiet atmosphere and top educational facilities make Rossett Green highly desirable.


Knox is a quiet neighbourhood north of Harrogate’s town centre. It has a village feel but is close to city conveniences.

You can enjoy spots like the River Nidd and Knox Country Park, perfect for walks and outdoor activities. Housing includes cosy cottages and larger family homes.

The community here values its heritage and sticks together. While Knox itself lacks many amenities, nearby Bilton and Harrogate provide everything you need.


The Duchy area is one of Harrogate’s most prestigious residential neighbourhoods, known for its grand homes and tree-lined streets. It’s an affluent area, characterised by Victorian and Edwardian properties that exude charm and elegance.

The neighbourhood is close to the town centre, making shopping, dining, and entertainment accessible. Schools like Western Primary School serve the area well.

The Duchy is also near the beautiful Valley Gardens and Harrogate Convention Centre. Its tranquil environment, combined with proximity to urban amenities, makes it ideal for those seeking a luxurious yet convenient lifestyle.

Hookstone Chase

Hookstone Chase is a residential area ideal for families, boasting excellent local schools like Hookstone Chase Primary School.

The neighbourhood features various housing options, from traditional to modern designs. Residents enjoy green spaces such as Hookstone Woods, offering easy access to nature—a key aspect of life in Harrogate.

Local amenities include shops, cafes, and sports facilities like the Harrogate Squash and Fitness Centre. The area’s public transport links and main roadways make commuting simple. With its strong community spirit and family-friendly environment, Hookstone Chase is perfect for young families.

Claro Road area

Claro Road is mainly a residential area with a mix of traditional terraced houses and modern apartments.

It’s close to Harrogate town centre, so you can easily reach shops, restaurants, and entertainment spots. The area has schools and public transport, making it convenient for families and professionals.

Local parks offer green spaces for recreation and relaxation. This neighbourhood blends peace with accessibility, ideal for those wanting the best of both worlds.

Pannal Ash

Pannal Ash is a sought-after residential area known for its peaceful environment and top-notch schools like Ashville College.

The neighbourhood features various housing options, from elegant period homes to modern developments. It’s close to green spaces, including Ashville Playing Fields, and only a short drive from the town centre. Local shops and eateries meet daily needs well. Public transport links are efficient, making commuting easy.

Pannal Ash’s blend of quality living and convenient amenities makes it ideal for families and professionals alike.

New Park

New Park is a lively neighbourhood north of Harrogate town centre. It offers affordable housing, ideal for first-time buyers and young families.

The area is home to New Park Primary Academy, respected in the community. Local shops, cafes, and traditional pubs add to its firm sense of community.

Nearby green spaces like the Pinewoods offer outdoor activities. Good bus connections make New Park both affordable and convenient.

Saints’ Area

The Saints’ area gets its name from the many streets named after saints, like St. Hilda’s and St. Andrew’s. This charming neighbourhood is near Harrogate town centre and is popular for its beautiful period homes and strong community vibe. Top schools, such as St. John Fisher Catholic High School, serve this area well.

Residents have easy access to local shops, cafes, and parks. Public transport links are excellent, making commuting simple. The mix of lovely houses, schools, and close urban amenities makes the Saints’ area very desirable.

Bower Road area

The Bower Road area is near the centre of Harrogate, making it a convenient spot. The neighbourhood has various housing options, from old-style homes to new apartments.

It’s close enough to walk to shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues in the town centre. Excellent schools and public transport serve the area well, which benefits both families and professionals.

Being so close to amenities and lively town life makes Bower Road a popular choice for city residents.

West End

The West End is a top area known for its elegant Victorian and Edwardian homes. It’s one of Harrogate’s most desired neighbourhoods, offering luxury living near the town centre.

The district is close to schools like Harrogate Grammar School and attractions such as the Royal Pump Room Museum and Valley Gardens.

Its beautiful architecture and calm environment, along with easy access to shopping and dining, make it an ideal choice for those wanting an upscale lifestyle.

Killinghall Moor

Killinghall Moor provides a suburban, family-friendly setting with both traditional and modern homes. The area has great schools and green spaces like Killinghall Moor Country Park.

It’s away from the busy town centre, offering peace but still close enough for commuting. Local shops and amenities are easily accessible.

With its strong community spirit and focus on families, Killinghall Moor is an attractive option for those wanting to settle down.


Pannal sits on Harrogate’s southern edge, blending rural charm with suburban ease. The village is famous for its scenic countryside, top-rated schools like Pannal Primary, and a tight-knit community.

With its own railway station offering direct routes to Leeds and York, Pannal suits commuters well. The village features traditional amenities such as pubs, shops, and local businesses.

Housing options vary from quaint cottages to modern family homes. Ideal for those wanting a quiet rural life while staying close to city conveniences.

Burn Bridge

Burn Bridge, located south of Harrogate, is a wealthy and semi-rural area known for its large detached homes and peaceful surroundings.

It offers beautiful countryside views perfect for outdoor activities. The neighbourhood is near top-rated schools and just a short drive from Harrogate town centre, making all amenities easily accessible.

With its strong community feel and scenic environment, Burn Bridge is ideal for those looking for an upscale, semi-rural lifestyle.


Wheatlands is a semi-urban area known for being family-friendly and having great local schools. The neighbourhood offers various housing options, from large family homes to smaller, modern properties.

It’s near green spaces like The Stray, which are perfect for outdoor activities. Local amenities include shops, cafes, and sports facilities. Public transport links are strong, making it easy to travel to the town centre and other parts of Harrogate.

The blend of greenery, good schools, and community spirit makes Wheatlands appealing for families.


Stonefall is a residential area east of Harrogate town centre. It offers various housing choices, from older homes to new builds. Known for Stonefall Park and Cemetery, it provides peaceful green spaces.

The neighbourhood has well-regarded schools, making it popular with families. Local amenities include shops, cafes, and recreational facilities. Public transport connects Stonefall well to the town centre and other areas.

Final thoughts on moving to Harrogate

Each of these neighbourhoods in Harrogate offers its own unique benefits, ensuring that there is something to suit every lifestyle and preference.

Whether you prioritise excellent schools, green spaces, or proximity to the town centre, Harrogate is likely to have a neighbourhood that will meet your needs.

Other great places to live outside Harrogate


Ripon, another gem close to Harrogate, is a small city that combines historical significance with modern living.

Ripon features the impressive Ripon Cathedral, which dates back to the 7th century. The city’s streets have medieval buildings, quaint shops, and cosy cafes.

Ripon offers a variety of housing styles, from classic terraces to new builds. It’s a great place to live for those wanting a quieter life while still having easy access to Harrogate.


Knaresborough, close to Harrogate, is a charming market town with rich history and beautiful scenery. Overlooking the River Nidd, it features a striking viaduct offering stunning views. Stroll through its streets with independent shops, cafés, and landmarks like Knaresborough Castle and Bebra Gardens.

The town has a strong community spirit. Events like the Knaresborough Market and annual Bed Race unite locals. Families appreciate its excellent schools and safe environment. Outdoor lovers can enjoy walking, cycling, and exploring nature along river paths and nearby countryside.

Knaresborough blends historical charm with modern amenities perfectly. It’s an ideal spot for those wanting a vibrant yet peaceful home near Harrogate.


Ripley is a small historic village, just a few miles north of Harrogate. It’s perfect for those wanting a quiet life with town amenities nearby. Known for its charming setting, Ripley features traditional Yorkshire stone cottages and the famous 14th-century Ripley Castle. The castle’s gardens and grounds are public attractions that often host events, enhancing the village’s lively community spirit.

The local shop and independent stores in Ripley offer fresh produce and handmade goods. The Boar’s Head pub provides a cosy spot to eat and relax. Regular events foster a welcoming atmosphere, giving the village a strong sense of community.