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Living at Gloucester Quays

Posted September 18, 2023
Living at Gloucester Quays

If you’re considering a move to Gloucester Quays, then this guide could decide if it is for you. 

Immerse yourself in a lifestyle that brings together history, culture, contemporary style and scenic beauty. By the glistening waterside, with swaying ships and narrow boats, life at Gloucester Quays is as picturesque as it gets.

You’ll love to wander on cobbled streets soaked in rich naval lore. Stroll past the historic docks framed by imposing Victorian warehouses now transformed into stylish apartments and offices. Not to mention an inspiring array of shops, boutiques, eateries ripe for exploration around every corner.

Gloucester Quays is where heritage meets modern convenience – something few places can boast about. It offers a unique blend that grows on you – feeling like part Edwardian time-capsule and part thriving 21st-century community.

Thriving a social scene? Check. Unmatched shopping experience? Check. Culinary delights? Triple check! And let’s not forget the special festivals showcasing local talent!

Your potential backyard is filled with historic sites such as Gloucester Cathedral and Museum and captivating green spaces like the tranquil Robinswood Hill Country Park for those weekend picnics.

Hopefully, you’ll get a taste of what living at Gloucester Quays is like.

Gloucester Quays Shopping Mall

As you step into the Gloucester Quays Shopping Mall, an array of high-end brands and quaint local shops await your perusal. You’ll find popular labels such as Adidas FatFace to cater to your fashion needs, while Le Creuset and ProCook are there for those passionate about cooking.

Don’t forget to swing by Hotel Chocolat Shop where a sweet surprise always awaits! Every visit promises a unique shopping experience tailored just for you.

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Foodie’s Haven

Gloucester Quays packs in a feast of culinary options to suit all palates. No matter what kind of food you’re craving, you will find something that caters to your taste buds. 

Savour vibrant global cuisine or classic dishes at the many restaurants and cafes scattered around The Quays.

Indulge in an afternoon tea that includes sandwiches, scones, and cakes, a British tradition that you can’t ignore.

Bakeries offering bread baked in stone ovens and patisseries filled with the loveliest pastries exhibiting French artistry offer a taste of Europe right at your doorstep.

Festivals and Nightlife

As the sun sets, Gloucester Quay illuminates into a lively nightlife scene. Trendy bars provide perfect settings for relaxed evenings or catching up with friends over cocktails.

Traditional pubs offer everything from locally brewed beers to international brands.

The Gloucester Quays also hosts a range of festivals throughout the year.

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Health and Fitness

From fitness centres with state-of-the-art equipment to bespoke yoga studios, it has facilities catering to many fitness routines.

The serene pathways along River Severn are perfect routes to be explored by cycling or jogging – making workout sessions natural and refreshing.

Close Connectivity

One of the defining features for anyone thinking of moving to a new location is its connectivity. Gloucester Quays has excellent transport links that make commuting simple and efficient.

The Gloucester railway station provides direct links to major cities, making your day-to-day commuting effortless.

From regional buses to cycling paths around the city, you will find a mode of transportation best suited to your rhythm and pace.

An Ode To Architecture

Admire the medley of historical buildings like Llanthony Secunda Priory and contemporary architecture as found in the Gloucester Docks – they seamlessly harmonise under the binding threads of a well-preserved past enhanced by progressive modernism.

Marvel at beautiful structures along narrow brick streets that hint at the legendary past but stand proudly in the present.

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Hospital and Healthcare Services

Healthcare services close by can really put your mind at ease. You’re just minutes away from hospitals equipped with modern facilities, qualified health professionals, and emergency services.

You’ll also encounter a variety of support centres, clinics, pharmacies, and holistic wellness spots that contribute significantly towards maintaining one’s overall wellbeing.

Art & Culture Scene

Gloucester Quays is no stranger to local art and cultural events. Help soak up some culture at stellar art galleries around The Quays displaying works from artists nationwide.

Despite its busy retail core, it houses rich theatre spaces such as the Guildhall and Sherborne Cinema offering small-scale productions and independent films – perfect for cultivating your artistic curiosity.

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Family Life

It boasts many well-regarded primary and secondary schools ensuring quality education for all stages.

Family-oriented parks and green spaces blended into urban design cater for younger residents’ playtime needs while simultaneously providing tranquil environments for adults.

Housing in Gloucester Quays

Finding the perfect home isn’t always an easy endeavour. But when you are looking into moving to Gloucester Quays, you have a range of options.

Modern apartments in Gloucester against the waterfront provide impressive views and place you amidst the buzz of city life.

Traditional Victorian terraces steeped in history are also prevalent and pack a nostalgic punch.

Regardless of your preference, the Gloucester Quays guarantees reasonable housing choices that match your lifestyle while allowing comfort to follow every step you take inside your chosen home.

Moving to Gloucester Quay draws a picturesque picture – combining modern amenities with lush greenery, robust history mixed with contemporary life’s vibrancy, social stimulations balanced by serene waterside relaxation.