Key Information Document for Shared Ownership Explained

Posted May 10, 2024
Key Information Document for Shared Ownership Explained

A Key Information Document (KID) is crucial when buying a shared ownership home. It gives first-time buyers like you important details about the property clearly.

What is the Key Information Document?

A KID contains essential facts about a shared ownership property in an easy-to-read format. This document summarises vital information, helping you decide wisely before purchasing.

Housing associations or providers issue it early in your application process to ensure transparency. The document helps you grasp the financial responsibilities and conditions of the property.

This document plays a key role in making sure you are well-informed about your potential new home from the start.

What does the Key Information Document include?

Initial Purchase

The KID outlines the initial purchase details. It shows how much of the property you can buy (typically 25%-75%), the price for that share, and any rules or eligibility requirements.

Monthly Costs

This section lists monthly expenses linked to owning part of the property. You’ll see things like the rent and service charges paid to the housing association for their share.

Additional Fees

Expect details on extra costs like ground rent, building insurance, and specific maintenance fees for your development.


If allowed, staircasing lets you increase your share of ownership in the future. The KID explains this option, including any limits or fees involved and how much of the property you can eventually own.

Resales and Subletting

You’ll find information on how to sell your shared ownership home and any rules about renting it out.

Eligibility and Affordability

The document specifies who can apply based on factors like local connections or income levels. It also covers how affordability is assessed by providers.


An estimated timeline from reserving to buying your home is included to help plan your move effectively.

Contact Details

It provides contact info for the shared ownership provider and support services for further inquiries.


This could include information on keeping pets in the home.

Why is it useful?

  • It provides all the essential details upfront when you’re considering a shared ownership home. This clarity allows you to make informed choices and easily compare different options.
  • It outlines both initial and ongoing costs associated with the property. Understanding these expenses helps you budget wisely and determine if the home is affordable for you. This can help you with financial planning.
  • You have all the information about your potential new home. This reduces surprises, helping ensure that there are no hidden costs or misunderstandings.
  • The document maintains uniformity across various shared ownership providers. This consistency makes it simpler to evaluate and compare homes from different housing associations on equal terms.

A Key Information Document is an invaluable resource for first-time buyers looking into shared ownership. It equips you with crucial knowledge, enabling confident decision-making in this significant financial commitment.

However, while a KID offers an overview of important details, always review the complete terms and conditions of any shared ownership deal before finalising your purchase.

View an example of a KIDs form for one of our McArthurs Yard plots.