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15 Things To Do When You Move House

Posted September 6, 2023
15 Things To Do When You Move House

Moving house can be a stressful task with endless checklists and seemingly never-ending packing. However, it also offers an opportunity—a chance for reinvention, a fresh start, and a new environment to make our own.

We will help you with moving home with 15 things to do which we believe shouldn’t be overlooked. Discover tips spanning from pre-move preparations all the way through to settling into your new home.

Planning Your Move

Planning is key when you’re moving house. There are many pieces of the puzzle you’ll need to fit together, from arranging transportation to getting your belongings ready for the move.

Start by creating a timeline and listing out all the tasks associated with your move. Planning will help manage stress levels and keep everything running smoothly.

If you’re using a removal company, ensure to research well in advance and secure a booking on your preferred moving date. Make sure they’re reputable and reliable – check out reviews and recommendations wherever possible.

You could even use a planning app on your phone such as Todoist or Google Tasks.

Sorting Through Your Possessions

Moving house is a great opportunity for decluttering. Before you pack, go through every room in your house and identify items you can donate, sell, or dispose of appropriately. This process will lighten the load for the move itself, save time in packing up only what’s necessary, and give you a fresh start at your new home. without unnecessary clutter.

Organise everything into categories such as ‘keep’, ‘sell or donate’, or ‘rubbish’. By doing this kind of ruthless sorting, you should feel much more organised with packing up boxes.

Packing Up Your Home

Packing is one of the most crucial steps, so take your time with it. Use quality boxes and padding material like bubble wrap to protect delicate items during transport. Labelling each box clearly according to its contents or which room it belongs in will also make unpacking easier at your new property.

Inventory each box – knowing exactly where every item is could save inconvenience later on if something specific is needed before everything has been fully unpacked at the new destination.

Updating Your Address

Remember that moving isn’t just about physical possessions; it’s also about ensuring all personal paperwork matches the new address too. Ensure to notify relevant bodies such as bank institutions, insurance companies etc about your upcoming change of address well in advance before moving day – ideally as soon as contracts have been exchanged for buying/selling properties since this ensures continuity of any services these organisations provide.

Don’t forget about subscriptions or memberships such as gym memberships.

Preparing for Moving Day

In anticipation of moving day itself, consider preparing an “emergency” box filled with vital goods like tea or coffee essentials (e.g., kettle), medication (if needed), toiletries including toilet paper & soap plus a first aid kit including bandages/plasters just in case. Also put aside bedsheets/duvet covers/pillows so that even if all other boxes aren’t immediately unpacked – there’s something comfortable available when night comes around on day one in new home surrounds. It can be beneficial also preparing meals/snacks/drinks ahead to consume throughout busy schedule event day brings which prevents having to rely entirely upon takeaway food options constantly over prolonged periods which may occur depending how long full settling process takes overall.

Checking Out the New Property

Prior to moving day, conduct one last walk-around at your new property – paying special attention to measurements and space. This ensures that all of your furniture will fit through doors and hallways and into their designated spots. Note down any maintenance issues that need addressing before you unpack or that might interfere with day-to-day living after you move.

Changing Utilities and Services

Switching over utilities like electricity, water, gas, broadband and other services such as bin collection is crucial during a property move. Arrange for these services’ termination at your old home just after you move out and have them set up at your new property ready for when you arrive.

Hiring Professional Cleaners

If cost permits, consider hiring professional cleaners for both the old and new properties. Having the old place professionally cleaned ensures no last-minute scrubbing needed whilst moving out not forgetting it’s often a requirement within rented accommodation contracts. Equally arriving at a sparklingly clean new home can be particularly refreshing.

Arranging Childcare or Pet-Sitting

Moving day can be chaotic, therefore having small children or pets around may add an extra level of stress. Consider arranging childcare or pet-sitting services for this period. You’ll be able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about their safety.

Notifying People About Your Move

Don’t forget to let friends & family know about upcoming move. If you are working then remember to tell your employer about your change of address.

Organising Important Documents

Ensure all important papers like passports, insurance documents, and other legal forms are carefully gathered and put in a safe folder. Keep this folder on hand at all times during the move to avoid misplacing or forgetting it.

New Relationships and Community

Moving to a new area is an opportunity to meet new neighbours and establish relationships within your newly adopted community. Attend local events, visit local shops and amenities, or simply make time for friendly introductions once you’ve settled into your new home.

Security Preparation

Check all the locks on doors and windows in your new property as soon as you move in. Consider changing them if you have any doubts to ensure security for your belongings and loved ones.

Checking Your Tenancy or Purchase Agreement

Understand all aspects of your tenancy or purchase agreement including the obligations expected from you. This avoids unpleasant surprises down the line that might contradict plans, such as wanting to redecorate or seeking permission before getting a pet.

Sorting Out Internet and Subscription Services

Remember to organise continuing entertainment services such as TV subscriptions or Internet service providers to coincide with moving day itself.

Final Thoughts

Moving house may seem a monumental task, but with careful preparation and by following these key points, it can be transformed into a smooth, organised process. Remember to plan well in advance, remain meticulous when moving your belongings, and make sure everything is in place for settling into your new home. So take that step towards an exciting new chapter in your life with confidence. Consider each point on this list as part of your personal ‘moving homes’ checklist guiding you through this adventurous period.