We'll help you find the right expert Finding a mortgage

Choosing a mortgage is a big financial decision, and if you are looking for a Shared Ownership mortgage, we want to make it easier for you to choose an expert mortgage broker.

Our panel of mortgage brokers offer an initial eligibility check free of charge. This isn’t designed to give you specific advice about your situation. It’s a chance to see how the mortgage broker works, how much they charge to arrange your mortgage and to get a sense of whether you feel comfortable with them.

You can use your own mortgage broker too but one of our panel members will still do the first eligibility check and if you decide to reserve a home, they will carry out a supporting document sign off process on our behalf, for eligibility and audit purposes.


Our panel of mortage brokers
What our brokers do for you

At application stage, our mortgage brokers carry out a broker sign off, checking your income and expenditure meets our eligibility criteria. They’ll also help you understand the potential monthly mortgage payments for the property of your choice. Even if you have your own mortgage broker or agreement in principle, we still carry out this check for your peace of mind.

This is carried out by our mortgage brokers, even if you decide to arrange a mortgage with your own mortgage broker.

These checks are carried out for all Shared Ownership applicants, even if you are cash buyers, to make the process of buying your home a pleasant one.

Calculate your monthly mortgage repayments

Our mortgage calculator will help you understand what your mortgage may cost. Speak to a mortgage broker for a personalised quote.