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How Shared Ownership works

Shared Ownership is an affordable way to buy and is designed to help you purchase your new home. With Shared Ownership you part buy and part rent a home by purchasing a share in a property and paying a reduced rent on the remaining share.

Smaller deposit

Buying a share means you need a smaller mortgage and deposit than buying a property outright. This makes it a cost effective way to own your own home and ideal for first time buyers. Shared Ownership usually works out less per month than renting privately and you can enjoy the benefits of being a home owner rather than a tenant.

What does this mean?

You’ll buy a share ranging from 25% to 75%, we’ll tell you in the property listing on our website the minimum share that can be purchased.

You’ll need to be able to get a mortgage, or have savings to cover the price of the share.  You should remember that you need to pay your mortgage and rent payments each month as well as the usual household outgoings.  To help you, we’ll carry out an affordability check to make sure you won’t be stretching yourself too much financially.

Arranging a Shared Ownership mortgage

We can put you in touch with our independent mortgage advisors who specialise in Shared Ownership sales so you can be confident that you’ll get expert advice during the buying process.

Choosing a Shared Ownership solicitor

You can use a solicitor of your choosing or we can put you in touch with one of our recommended solicitors to help you purchase your new home.

Your new home

We have both brand new and pre-owned Shared Ownership homes across England, you can search for properties using the search function here.

In the future

Once you’ve moved in and you’ve settled well you might decide to buy further shares until you own the property outright or alternatively you might sell your home.  We will help you with both these options.

Guide to buying your home

For more information you can download our guide to buying your Shared Ownership home.

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