Shared Ownership in Brighton & Hove Lyon Quarter

Lyon Quarter is a contemporary collection of stylish homes. It features studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, available to buy through Shared Ownership. The development is ideally situated around all that Brighton and Hove offer, providing the perfect place to call your home. NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Train Moments from Hove Railway station
  • Seaside Location 1 Beach Nearby beach
  • Restaurant Selection of restaurants
  • Apartments JUST LAUNCHED!

Lyon Close


Studio, 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms



Available as:

25% Shared Ownership (new home)


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New Shared Ownership Properties for Sale in Brighton and Hove

Lyon Quarter is a new neighbourhood located in sought after Brighton & Hove. These shared ownership homes in Brighton and Hove offer a selection of studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

Designed to suit you, Lyon Quarter is only 15 minutes from the beach and close to a vast selection of the restaurants and bars in the centre of Hove.

Living in Hove is a unique and vibrant experience. With its colourful blend of history, culture, art and coastal beauty, it’s an ideal place for both individuals and families. Known as “London-by-the-sea”, Brighton offers lively nightlife, a renowned music scene, eclectic shopping lanes and fantastic restaurants.

Hove exudes a quieter charm with its elegant Regency architecture, wide boulevards adorned with elm trees and tranquil seafront promenades. The city is also home to some of the UK’s best schools and boasts excellent transport links to London. The diverse cultural mix, coupled with the relaxed seaside vibe, makes Brighton and Hove a truly distinctive place to live in.

While for transport links residents can reach Hove Railway station in a 14 minute walk. Your choice, your opportunity, it's life how you want it with a home in Brighton.

What is Shared Ownership?

The shared ownership scheme is a government-endorsed initiative designed to facilitate your journey towards owning a home. It’s been assisting people with help to buy a home for over 40 years.

Under this scheme, you make an initial deposit and buy a share of the property. The percentage you buy is tailored to what you can reasonably afford. Remember, on top of your mortgage for the portion you own, you’ll also be responsible to pay monthly rent on the remaining share, service charges and potential additional fees on the outstanding part of the property.

This scheme has proven to be particularly advantageous for first time buyers looking for affordable ways to get on the property ladder. Moreover, one of the standout benefits of shared ownership is that it provides an option to acquire further shares in your home as and when your finances permit. You can learn more about how shared ownership functions.

If you have any questions about shared ownership in Brighton then get in touch with us on 0300 456 0522 or contact us through live chat. We are open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Choice of studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments
  • Own a share from 25% to 75%
  • City centre location
  • 15-minute walk to Hove Railway Station
  • Superb food and drink options and nearby beach
  • Local shops and amenities: Tesco's, Co-op, Waterstones, Waitrose & Partners, Sainsbury's, Holland & Barratt, Homebase
  • Nearest colleges/universities: University of Sussex, University of Brighton
  • Nearest station: Hove Railway Station
  • Nearby food & drink: Palmeira, The Lemongrass, Divino Wine Bar, The Grill Room, MEATliquor 
  • Nearby attractions: Hove Museum & Art Gallery, Booth Museum of Natural History, Hove Park, Royal Pavilion
Available properties
Plot: Bedrooms Property type Scheme type Ownership share Price Monthly rent Monthly service charge Availability  
Plot 13 - Lyon Quarter 0 Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £61,250.00 £421.09 £112.09 Available
Plot 27 - Lyon Quarter 0 Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £62,500.00 £429.69 £112.09 Reserved
Plot 3 - Lyon Quarter 1 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £79,375.00 £545.70 £152.92 Available
Plot 8 - Lyon Quarter 1 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £78,125.00 £537.11 £139.36 Available
Plot 17 - Lyon Quarter 1 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £80,625.00 £554.30 £137.92 Available
Plot 31 - Lyon Quarter 1 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £81,875.00 £562.89 £137.92 Available
Plot 21 - Lyon Quarter 1 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £80,000.00 £550.00 £139.94 Reserved
Plot 24 - Lyon Quarter 1 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £80,000.00 £550.00 £137.92 Reserved
Plot 9 - Lyon Quarter 2 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £103,750.00 £713.28 £186.19 Available
Plot 23 - Lyon Quarter 2 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £114,375.00 £747.66 £202.83 Available
Plot 42 - Lyon Quarter 2 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £116,875.00 £764.84 £202.83 Available
Plot 29 - Lyon Quarter 2 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £113,125.00 £777.73 £193.26 Reserved
Plot 38 - Lyon Quarter 2 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £113,125.00 £739.06 £198.30 Reserved
Plot 33 - Lyon Quarter 3 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £137,500.00 £902.34 £251.95 Available
Plot 39 - Lyon Quarter 3 Apartment Shared Ownership (new home) 25% £138,750.00 £910.94 £251.95 Available

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  • What local attractions are near Lyon Quarter?

    Brighton and Hove is a vibrant city that has a lot to offer. From art galleries to parks, pavilions, and museums, there’s so much to see, do and explore. Here are four must-visit locations near Lyon Quarter.

    Hove Museum & Art Gallery

    Just two miles away (a brief 10-minute drive) from your location, you’ll discover the Hove Museum & Art Gallery. A magnificent villa brimming with fascinating exhibits that range from contemporary craft to film history, this museum is a gem not to be missed.

    Stepping inside this Victorian house allows you to delve into the world of cinematic history. Admire stunning crafts from talented artisans. Kids will love the Wizard’s Attic toy gallery too! It’s more than just a museum; it’s an immersive experience that leaves you with a deeper appreciation for art and cinema.

    Booth Museum of Natural History

    Travel three miles north (around a 20-minute drive) and let yourself be drawn back in time at the Booth Museum of Natural History. This Victorian-era museum focuses on British birds. It also boasts extensive collections relating to geology, insects, fossils and bones.

    The display of over half a million specimens, natural history literature and data extending back over three centuries provides an extraordinary peek into the natural world around us. The butterflies are particularly beautiful – make sure you don’t miss them!

    Hove Park

    A mere mile away (less than ten minutes by car) lies Hove Park, offering 40 acres of sweeping lawns, flowerbeds and wooded areas for exploration or relaxation.

    Perhaps try your hand at orienteering or simply enjoy strolling among its diverse flora while children enjoy the playground facilities. Do look out for Fingermaze – it’s not only fun but also offers aesthetically pleasing geometric lines perfect for photography enthusiasts!

    Royal Pavilion

    Venture approximately two miles eastwards (about fifteen minutes by car) to reach one of the most iconic landmarks of Brighton - The Royal Pavilion. This regal building boasts unique Indo-Saracenic architecture blended with elegant Chinese-inspired interiors that captivate every visitor.

    Formerly used as a seaside retreat by George IV when he was Prince Regent in the early nineteenth century; today its captivating domes and minarets evoke vivid images of faraway lands within touching distance. A visit here is like stepping into another realm—a truly enchanting experience!

  • What education establishments are near Lyon Quarter?

    If education is a consideration for your move, Hove boasts excellent schools such as Blatchington Mill, renowned for its strong academic standards and comprehensive range of extracurricular activities.

    You will never be short of educational institutions that can cater to your needs, whether that’s for your children or for yourself. We’ve compiled a list of some recommended schools, nurseries, colleges, and universities in the region.


    Cardinal Newman Catholic School
    (Approximately 0.9 miles away)

    Cardinal Newman is one of the largest Catholic schools in the country. It’s renowned for its excellent teaching methods and supportive learning environment that caters to students aged 11-18.

    Hove Park School
    (Approximately 1 mile away)

    Offering an extensive range of subject choices and extracurricular activities, Hove Park provides an effective learning environment for students aged between 11-18 years old.


    Hove Day Nursery and Pre-School
    (Approximately 1 miles away)

    This is your closest option. It’s in the heart of Hove and just over a mile away.

    New Church Road, Hove Day Nursery and Pre-School
    (Approximately 2 miles away)
    Slightly further away at just over 2 miles is .

    Both these nurseries are offered by Bright Horizons.


    Brighton Metropolitan College
    (Approximately 2 miles away)
    Famous for its vocational courses that prepare students for the future workforce. They offer courses in Science, Art & Design, Business Management etc.  


    University of Brighton
    (Approximately 4 miles away)

    A university recognised nationally for its quality teaching and research output. They cover areas such as Art & Design and Engineering. Its multiple campuses across the city make it a significant part of Brighton’s educational landscape.

    University of Sussex
    (Approximately five miles away)
    This globally recognised institution offers a wide range of courses across many disciplines. They offer Social Sciences to Life Sciences, attracting international students all around the world into its serene campus setting.

    Visit each institution’s website linked above for more detailed information about courses offered, entry requirements and more!

  • Where can I dine and socialise near by?

    Brighton and Hove boast a variety of restaurants, bars, and pubs. Thus, you’ll find plenty to choose from, no matter your preferences.

    You’ll find a perfect blend of classic and modern, where the friendly pub atmosphere meets an eclectic food menu. Whether it’s a family meal or a casual catch-up with friends, this place ticks all the boxes. Their extensive list of beers and wines will leave you spoilt for choice.

    The Lemongrass
    This cosy restaurant transports you straight to Thailand with its authentic flavours and warm hospitality. Order a plate of their famous Pad Thai or try something new from their diverse menu - every dish is prepared with love and expertise that showcases the best of Thai cuisine.

    Divino Wine Bar
    Wine lovers will feel at home instantly. The bar boasts an impressive selection from around the globe, making it a haven for those eager to explore new tastes or savour old favourites. The ambiance is relaxed yet sophisticated, making it an ideal spot for both romantic dates and friendly gatherings.

    Brighton’s answer to anyone craving mouth-watering burgers in an uber cool setting. This isn’t just about eating; it’s an experience that combines music, art and the best American-style comfort food into one unforgettable package.

  • What transport links are available?

    You’ll find an array of well-organised transport links that facilitate effortless movement within and outside the city with close links to London.

    Brighton is well-served by a network of roads. The A23 connects Brighton to London, while the A27 skirts the edges of the city, offering connections to Portsmouth and Eastbourne. There’s also access to the M23 motorway for direct links to major locations including Gatwick Airport.

    Cycling is a delight with dedicated cycle lanes on key routes, such as along the seafront. It’s possible not only to commute but also enjoy leisurely rides. The National Cycle Network Route 2 passes right through the city, opening up miles of scenic cycling paths for exploration.

    Rail travel from Brighton is equally convenient. Trains run frequently from Brighton’s main railway station directly into London Victoria or London Bridge, with journey times typically just under an hour. Additional stations like Hove and London Road provide further options for local and regional travel.

    The bus service in Brighton and Hove is comprehensive — regular services traverse across both cities making commuting or sightseeing simple. The ‘Plusbus’ ticket offers unlimited bus travel around town when purchased with your train ticket.

    So no matter how you prefer to get around or where you’re headed — be it exploring locally or venturing towards London — transport links in Brighton and Hove offer convenience at every turn. 

  • What employment opportunities are available?

    Brighton and Hove is a vibrant city teeming with diverse job opportunities just waiting for you to explore. This colourful, coastal location is not only home to a bustling tourism industry, but also a thriving arts scene, innovative tech startups and numerous environmental initiatives.

    With its eclectic mix of businesses, Brighton and Hove provides an array of employment opportunities. If you’re seeking roles in the creative industry, you’ll find various studios designing everything from digital media to jewellery. Alternatively, if technology piques your interest, numerous digital agencies and software development firms are always hunting for fresh talent to join their ranks.

    The city is also known for its commitment to sustainability and green initiatives. Consequently, employers in Brighton and Hove often have roles available within the renewable energy sector or environmental conservation organisations. The city’s strong focus on community-led projects further facilitates employment in charity organisations or social enterprises.

    Moreover, don’t discount the city’s robust hospitality sector which thrives on the influx of tourists each year. Jobs in hotels, restaurants, pubs or event management could be your stepping stone into an exciting career in this field.

    In essence, employers across Brighton and Hove value diversity and innovation alongside professional experiences. The city fosters a climate conducive to growth - both personally and professionally - so start exploring today!

  • Do I need a mortgage and where can I find one?

    Selecting a mortgage may seem overwhelming initially, but worry not because we’re here to support you every step of the way. We understand that this is a significant decision and one which often comes with its share of complexities.

    Dive into our comprehensive guide titled ‘Choosing a Mortgage’ where we’ve streamlined all the crucial information for your convenience. This resource has been meticulously designed to demystify the process of picking a mortgage that suits your specific circumstances and goals.

    Also, we present you with our list of vetted mortgage brokers who are ready and equipped to provide professional advice. These approved professionals can offer insights tailored to your unique situation, thereby making your mortgage selection journey much more manageable.

    Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Our aim is to make this process as straightforward as possible for you. 

  • How can a solicitor help with purchasing shared ownership?

    Purchasing a home is thrilling, but it can be perplexing. A solicitor can guide you through the process and handle essential legal paperwork.

    Ensure your solicitor has prior experience with Shared Ownership. Check if they are authorised to work for your chosen mortgage lender.

    If you’re unsure about picking a solicitor, our recommended panel of solicitors is here to assist.

    This list comes without any guarantees. Make sure you’re content with both the fee and the service level of your chosen solicitor.