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Choosing a mortgage

We are here to help you choose a mortgage advisor.  Choosing a mortgage is a big financial decision and if you are looking for a Shared Ownership mortgage then this can make your search more difficult.

The mortgage market is incredibly competitive and we want to help you understand what exactly is on offer.   Our panel of mortgage advisors will help you find a mortgage by giving you the best advice.  They will help you understand the different providers and the extensive range of products and rates available.

Company Name: Woodward Insurance & Mortgage Services
Karen Unwin
Telephone: 01458 840404

Company Name: Dupree Financial Services
Dave Hibbert / Henry Parsons
 01453 852900

Company Name: Marquis Financial Planning Ltd
Contact: Bob Butler
Telephone: 07860 612060

Company Name: Mortgage Advice Bureau
Contact: David Garth
Telephone: 01959 547700

Company Name: Share to Buy
Contact: Rachel Scrivener
Telephone: 0845 686 0816

Company Name: That Mortgage Place
Contact: Sian Allaway
Telephone: 01604 780956

This list is provided without warranty and you should satisfy yourself as to both the cost and level of service from your mortgage advisor and mortgage lender.

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