How to Find Home Decor Inspiration

Posted June 16, 2023
How to Find Home Decor Inspiration

So, you’ve moved into your new home – congratulations!

The blank walls and empty rooms are ripe for expression. But where do you start? Don’t fret, there’s a world of inspiration just waiting for you to tap into.

Let’s explore some ideas on how to find home décor inspiration for your home.


Believe it or not, catalogues remain a gold mine for home décor inspiration. Flip through the glossy pages of IKEAPottery Barn, or West Elm. They’re brimming with professionally styled homes that can inspire your own décor choices.

Catalogues showcase an array of styles catering to different tastes and budgets. Be it minimalist chic, rustic charm or colourful bohemia – you’ll find pictures aplenty in these tactile sources of inspiration.

Hotels and Airbnbs

Next time you’re on holiday, don’t just relax – get inspired! Hotels and AirBnBs often feature unique interior design aesthetics meticulously curated by professionals. Seize this opportunity to observe colours, textures and furniture arrangements that catch your eye.

From the luxury suite at a high-end hotel to the quaint charm of a countryside Airbnb; each presents a chance for discovery. Keep an eye out for details like how they mix patterns or use lighting effectively. Don’t forget to take photos!

Online Shops

Your online shopping habit is also an unlikely source of ideas. Websites like Etsy offer handmade and vintage items that can instantly add personality to any room. Mainstream online retailers like Wayfair display entire room setups you can shop straight from.

Take advantage of filters available on these sites: sort by colour, material, style or room type to streamline your search.


Picture-heavy social media platforms, such as Instagram, serve as excellent resources for inspiration. Follow accounts like @myhouseidea or @interiordesignideas for regular droplets of visual stimulation.

Instagram also allows access to real-life house tours under hashtags such as #homeinspo or #hometour. These give insight into how people worldwide are styling their own homes, which might spark ideas for your personal space too!


Pinterest is a social media platform of visual delights! Type in any home décor keyword and watch as endless pins of beautifully designed spaces appear. You can create different boards for each room or theme, making it easy to organise and revisit your favourite ideas.

From DIY projects to designer masterpieces, Pinterest spans a wide range of styles and budgets. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re feeling unsure about which direction to take.

Design Shows in the UK

Design shows such as Grand Designs and Your Home Made Perfect on BBC are brilliant platforms to garner ideas. They are useful for getting advice from professional interior designers across Britain. They not only showcase stunning transformations but also provide invaluable advice on how best to utilise space or choose matching colour palettes.

Attending design expos such as the Ideal Home Show or Decorex International offers close-and-personal interaction with current trends and innovative designs that might just tickle your fancy.

Visit Friends’ Houses

Who says inspiration can’t be found right next door? Pay attention during visits to friends’ houses – how they’ve styled their living rooms or what colours they’ve chosen for their bedrooms. It could inspire something similar (but unique!) for your own space.

Remember though, while it’s great to borrow ideas, make sure your house reflects you!

Decor8 Website

Decor8 is an established design blog that features house tours, DIY projects and decorating ideas from around the globe. Its founder Holly Becker curates content with an emphasis on fresh and unique styles. She also regularly interviews leading interior stylists sharing their tips and inspirations. It’s worth bookmarking!

Design Books

For some offline browsing, design books provide comprehensive insights into various decorating styles. Titles like “Domino: The Book of Decorating” or “Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave” offer expertise neatly packed between covers – ready for a cosy read on your new sofa!

Property Listings & Estate Agents

Yes, you read that right! Property listings online or walking through show homes can often reveal surprising décor revelations. These spaces are typically designed with broad appeal in mind but don’t underestimate them – there could be elements that resonate with you too!

Final Thoughts

In the end, searching far and wide will lead you back home — but this time with bountiful inspiration under your belt! Enjoy this journey towards creating a corner of the world that feels uniquely yours.