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We'll always be open about any charges so you know what to expect

What charges do I pay with Shared Ownership?

If you’re a shared owner, you’ll pay rent to us as well as your mortgage each month. And a service charge keeps your home and its surroundings in tip-top condition. You can read more about how shared ownership works and what it entails.

In Shared Ownership purchase and resale it's important to be aware that there are other charges that you may encounter, these are outlined below. 

Other charges:

Looking for financial support?

We know that sometimes managing your finances can be difficult. Changes at work, in your family or with any benefits can make it more difficult to make ends meet. And this makes it harder to pay important bills.

If you have a mortgage this is a contract between you and your bank or building society. If you fall behind with your payments, the bank or building society may take possession of your home. If your rent or service charge is in arrears this could also put your home at risk. Please contact The Guinness Partnership as soon as possible if you’re struggling with your finances.

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Make a payment

Rent and service charge payments are usually due on the first of every month.

Service Charge information

Service charges cover the services The Guinness Partnership provide.