Buying a new build home

Buying a new build home

Our new build homes are more popular than ever. We aim to create homes that are energy efficient, feature contemporary designs and have an excellent build quality.

All our homes are independently assessed during construction. They are covered by an NHBC 10-year Buildmark warranty (or equivalent).

When you buy new from us you can be assured that we have given thought to:

  • Insulation standards – to ensure your home is efficient to run
  • Your safety when we are continuing to build near your new home
  • Making sure water-efficient appliances are used
  • The facilities near your home

We also have a dedicated sales & progression team who will keep you updated on the progress of your new home as it is being built.

So what are the benefits of buying a new build home?

When it comes to buying a new-build home, there are often several benefits that are associated with new-build properties, for example:

Energy Efficiency

Newer properties, unlike older second-hand homes built years ago, meet the latest building regulations and have higher energy efficiency standards than in the past.

With rising energy costs recently, buying a new build home offers significant advantages. It’s more energy-efficient, which is good for both you and your bank balance.


New build homes today are not only more energy efficient but also use sustainable supply chains and recycled materials. Many builders aim for green footprints and carbon neutrality.

Guinness Homes follows this trend too. At developments like McArthur’s Yard in Bristol, we’ve reused old site bricks to build a new legacy.

Everything is new

It might seem clear, but there’s real comfort in knowing that everything in a home is brand new — from the carpet or flooring to the dishwasher, and even the light fixtures & fittings.

Everything should be in pristine condition, giving you far more confidence than if you were buying a second-hand property and worrying about when the dishwasher might need replacing.

Low maintenance

Just like buying a brand-new car or electronic device, one of the best things about buying new, is that there are often fewer maintenance and upkeep concerns. The same can be said with buying a new-build home, as you are often purchasing a home that has just been built (within the last few months, to a year, in most cases), so everything should be in good working order – from appliances to electrical systems & boilers. Here at Guinness, we check all our homes prior to your move-in and complete a list of any issues (called ‘snags’) that get identified. Where there are issues that can’t be fixed right away, we’ll log them down and prioritise them to resolve for you, so you are moving into a shiny new home from day one. 


In the unfortunate event there is a maintenance requirement or concern with a new-build home, the great thing about new-build homes is that they come with warranties. At Guinness, all our new-build homes are covered by an NHBC 10-year Buildmark warranty (or equivalent).

The Guinness Partnership will pop over and sort out any issues within the defects period, to give you peace of mind. In addition, since your new home will potentially have white goods included, such as dishwashers, fridge/freezers, washing machines – these should all come with supplier warranties as well, so you can get their assistance with any within warranty period issues.


When it comes to looking for affordable routes onto the property market as a first-time buyer, purchasing outright (100% market value) can seem daunting and the deposits required can be high. Which is why government-backed affordable housing schemes like Shared Ownership are available for new-build homes – to help you get onto the property ladder.

Shared Ownership typically isn’t readily available for second hand homes, unless they were already a Shared Ownership property (called a ‘resale’). Shared Ownership new-build homes could be your answer to securing your first home. 

Chain-free ease of purchase

Another benefit of buying a new-build home is that they are very often chain-free, as you’re buying straight from the developer or Housing Association (like The Guinness Partnership), making it a much less stressful and pain-free experience when compared with purchasing a second-hand property which often has an onward sell or purchase.

All it takes sometimes is one blockage in the chain, for that ‘dream home’ buying journey to become a nightmare. Purchasing a new-build straight from the Housing Association means there’s no onward chain and no fuss. There’s no waiting for the previous owner to find a home, move out or haggle over remaining items – it’s just a straight one-to-one deal and you’re in.

Built for modern living

A new build home constructed today is designed specifically for modern living. At Guinness Homes, we pride ourselves on the high quality and specifications of our homes, ensuring they are durable and enhance your lifestyle. In contrast, pre-owned homes may seem outdated or have awkward layouts.

New builds by Guinness Homes are tailored for contemporary life with features like open-plan spaces, large double-glazed windows, underfloor heating, and smart home technology. Each development offers a variety of options, including different apartments or houses with various views, floor levels, kitchen finishes and more to select from.

Leaside Lock Living Room

Connected communities

Purchasing a new-build home often involves becoming part of a new community, which can be reassuring and exciting as you know all your neighbours are also new to the area and development.

There’s often a vibrant atmosphere, with activities like WhatsApp group chats for neighbours, street parties, and gatherings – it’s an ideal opportunity to make new friends and form lasting connections.

Future proofing

If you choose to sell your home later, it will still have modern features and possibly valid product warranties, making it more attractive to buyers.

Also, with the minimum requirement for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) increasing to a grade ‘C’ by 2025, your home will be future-proof.

If you own a share of a Shared Ownership property and decide it’s time to sell, we can offer guidance on the process involved.

Shared Ownership in Kingston upon Thames

You can also read the consumers code for home builders which ensures you are treated fairly.