Get your home ready for spring

Posted April 4, 2024
Get your home ready for spring

As spring arrives, it’s time to move away from the dark colours and snug feel of winter. Whether you’re in a lively city apartment or a cosy suburban house, this season calls for a fresh touch in our living spaces.

Every part of your home offers an opportunity for renewal. Ready to welcome spring with open arms and style?

Join us as we explore ideas that will refresh every room in your home. With creativity at hand, let’s make each space not only tidy but also full of spring joy down to the last detail.


  • A bright doormat greets visitors and is simple to maintain. Opt for easy-to-clean materials such as coir or rubber.
  • Incorporate a console table for both elegance and utility. Adorn it with key essentials: a bowl of keys, an attractive lamp, and some fresh flowers.
  • Employ wall-mounted hooks or coat stands to maintain orderliness. Select styles that complement your entryway’s decor.
  • A stylish mirror not only allows for last-minute checks but also enhances the light in the area; contemporary designs like sunburst patterns inject a touch of sophistication.
  • Opt for an indoor rug that can withstand heavy use yet features vibrant colours or designs to herald spring right at your entrance.
  • Think about adding a bench in the hallway that includes storage space below—ideal for organising shoes or storing umbrellas.
Bench with Storage

Living Room

  • Replace thick blankets with lighter, cotton or linen throws in soft pastels such as sky blue or mint green.
  • Arrange chairs and sofas to face a pleasant view – like a window or balcony – making sure there’s ample room to move around.
  • Washing the windows can lift your spirits by allowing more sunlight in while light curtains can provide privacy while still letting daylight through.
  • Introduce big plants like fiddle leaf figs in woven baskets for an added touch of nature and visual appeal.
  • Set up floating shelves at various levels to showcase decorative items, giving your walls a unique and varied look.
Fiddle Leaf Plant in Home


  • Sort pantry items into groups and use clearly labelled containers for easy access.
  • Indoor herb gardens not only look good but also offer fresh herbs right at your fingertips when cooking.
  • Free up counter space by hanging utensils on rods.
  • A coat of paint on the cabinets can quickly brighten your kitchen—opt for whites, soft greys, or blues to match the season’s mood.
  • Open shelves are great for both displaying decor and storing items.
Pantry Containers

Dining Area

  • Placing simple bowls with lemons or flowers on tables revitalises dining areas.
  • Introducing new cushions can transform a space effortlessly—floral patterns herald the arrival of spring.
  • Eye-catching lighting fixtures above tables captivate attention, beautifully finishing off the room.
Lemons and Flowers


  • Pastel towels lend softness stacked neatly, acting as decor too.
  • Switching shower curtains introduces focal points matching new towels ideally.
  • Tidy cabinets using dividers keeping essentials handy yet hidden.
  • Wall decals are simple touches bringing personality through geometric shapes.
Bathroom Towels


  • Switching to lighter bedding can make a room feel more spacious, and selecting soothing colours may encourage better sleep.
  • Changing out clothes with the seasons frees up space. Using under-bed storage helps keep wardrobes tidy.
  • Placing flowers by your bed can lift your mood and improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Adding area rugs brings warmth to a room; they complement new bedding nicely.
Under Bed Storage

Home Office

  • Keeping your desk free from clutter can aid concentration, and using organisers can efficiently manage stationery.
  • Plants do more than just make a space look better; they also clean the air. Peace lilies are especially good at this.
  • Good lighting can prevent eye strain, use adjustable lamps to tailor brightness.
  • Positioning boards within your line of sight ensures that reminders remain visible, while personalising them adds charm to your workspace.
Home Office View