How to Improve a Balcony on a Budget

Posted September 20, 2023
How to Improve a Balcony on a Budget

In this guide, we will provide you with tips that will help transform any apartment balcony on a budget. By incorporating these tips wisely, there’s no reason your apartment balcony can’t be transformed into a personal sanctuary – delivering peace amidst city-commotion along with being perfect spot hosting lively social occasions!

Start with a Clean Space

One of the best ways to refresh your balcony is to clean it and declutter it. Remove all unnecessary items and give the space a good scrub down. This can instantly increase its appeal and make it look more spacious. Consider getting rid of any old or broken furniture, plants that have seen better days, or decorations you no longer love.

Create a blank canvas from your balcony by considering what you need most in this outdoor living space. It could be more seating, better storage solutions or simply more plants for a garden oasis feel. By clearing out, you’re creating potential and visually affecting the entire aesthetic of your outdoor setting. It will give you more room for your imagination and creativity.

Fill Your Balcony with Plants

Fill your balcony with plants as they can totally transform an urban balcony into a serene oasis in the city. Choose between small potted plants or larger, dramatic ones such as palms which can be used as natural screens to create privacy from neighbours: the choice is yours.

As well as looking lush and beautiful, many balcony-friendly plants are easy to care for. Choose them wisely according to how much sunlight your balcony gets during the day. Bringing some greenery into this space adds texture, colour and also purifies the air too!

Invest in Seating

The seating on your balcony can either make the area extremely inviting or not at all comfortable! Just envision yourself cuddling up with an engaging book while sipping on some coffee on a sunny Sunday afternoon right on your cosy chair.

If you’d usually invite friends over for drinks or meals outside, then opt for seating suitable for socialising. You could have bar stools around a central table for socialising. If you love laying under stars alone reading till late night, then consider investing in one comfy lounge chair instead.

Remember that whether it’s compact folding chairs which don’t take up much space when not in use or benches doubling as storage places; choices must satisfy personal comfort preferences along with juggling balconitional needs smartly!

Install Ambient Lighting

Don’t underestimate what atmospheric lighting can do to set a mood on any setting, particularly an outdoor one! Candles work marvellously not just peacefully twinkling against twilight darkness, but they help drive away pesky insects too.

You could experiment through string lights draped across railing which lends soft glow perfect during nighttime chill-outs. Moreover energy-efficient LED lights come customised if needed within different brightness levels, so ideal covering all sorts usage requirements- from romantic dusky dinners towards lively evening gatherings amongst pals!

Lay Down an Outdoor Rug

Adding a stylish outdoor rug can completely change the atmosphere of your balcony. It plays a dual role: not only does it cover unsightly or worn flooring, but it also adds texture and colour to your space.

Choose a durable all-weather rug that suits your personal design aesthetic, and see how it instantly makes the balcony look cosy and inviting.

Fit a Privacy Screen

Depending on the location of your flat, you may want some extra privacy from neighbouring buildings or passers-by. A tasteful way to do this is by installing privacy screens. These can take many forms, from bamboo panels for an earthy feel to decorative metalwork for something chic and sophisticated.

The screen you choose should balance function with appearance, adding another layer of interesting detail to the space.

Consider Art and Decorations

While functionality is important in an apartment balcony, don’t forget about stylised elements like art and ornaments as well! Hang up mirrors to create the illusion of more space or interesting wind chimes which melodiously tinkle in the breeze; options are plenty!

Try creating a singular focal point using sculpture or tapestry serving as backdrop for evening gatherings while encouraging conversations around your artistic taste!

Decorative items must withstand weather, sometimes investing in high-quality pieces becomes worth it. Remember tiny details often impart final touch towards glorifying spaces so pay attention choosing right ones!

Use Vertical Space Wisely

Apartments often lack horizontal spread leading onto severe spatial crunches but utilising vertical area cleverly does solve this dilemma efficiently! Installing plant shelves against walls or hanging planters on railings best exemplify including greenery without hampering movement within a limited region.

Another smart hack includes mounting expandable tables folding back into the wall when not used thus liberating floor areas whenever demanded; quite genius isn’t it?