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A Guide to Living in Tolworth

Posted September 4, 2023
A Guide to Living in Tolworth

As you embark on the exciting journey of finding your ideal home, let’s explore a hidden gem that might just be the perfect fit for you – Tolworth in the district of Surbiton, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Greater London.

Nestled in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, this charming suburban district offers a delightful blend of comfort, convenience, and charm.

It’s not just a place to live, it’s a community to become a part of. Whether you’re a family seeking quality education for your kids, a professional yearning for a peaceful retreat after a long day in the city, or an enthusiast longing for outdoor activities, Tolworth checks all the boxes.

This guide to living in Tolworth will cover transport, green spaces, education and shopping in the local area and surroundings area.

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Transport and commuting


The nearest train stations are Tolworth Station and Surbiton Station. They make it an easy connection to London Waterloo and the wider rail network. From Surbiton, a train journey into central London will take approximately 15-20 minutes. You’ll love this quick connectivity if you’re planning to commute for work in the bustling heart of London.


Many buses serve the Tolworth area, offering you connections across Greater London with ease. Key routes are serviced by Transport for London (TFL), ensuring regular buses on routes like 281 towards Twickenham and Hounslow, 406 towards Epsom and Kingston, making it simple for local travel.


If you prefer driving your own vehicle, you’ll find that Tolworth is exceptionally well-situated for road travel. The A3 runs past Tolworth, linking it conveniently both to Central London and major junctions leading elsewhere. The M25 is just around 10 miles away. Keep in mind that parking can be challenging because of permit-controlled zones.

Cycling & Walking

Tolworth has good cycling routes and offers some pleasant spaces for walking too. These include the beautiful hiking paths on Tolworth Court Farm Fields Nature Reserve; green spaces that make up a big part of treating yourself with more serene travel options. Away from carbon footprint pressures, here’s a chance to savour natural beauty close at hand while commuting locally.


From nurturing early education nurseries to prestigious universities, Tolworth provides a well-rounded educational journey.

Tolworth Girls’ School & Sixth Form

This is a leading all-girls comprehensive academy school that embraces all levels of ability, providing a curriculum tailored to individual needs. With impressive academic results consistently produced, your child’s educational success is primely positioned in this nurturing and challenging environment.

The Kingston Academy

A coeducational secondary school that offers a broad and balanced curriculum with an array of extracurricular activities to promote personal growth and leadership skills. Your child will gather enriching experiences alongside quality education at The Kingston Academy.

Kingston University

A prominent public research university offering various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It boasts highly reputable faculties, modern campus facilities and supportnetworks,s making it ideal for further studies.

Asquith Day Nursery & Pre-School Tolworth

As one of the premier day nurseries in the area, your little ones will be taken care of in a safe and stimulating space where they can play and learn under the vigilant supervision of trained professionals.

Monkey Puzzle Nursery

Specialising in pre-school education for children aged 3 months to 5 years old, Monkey Puzzle Nursery provides an ideal start for early learning while ensuring lots of fun.
Act as a local guide.

Green Spaces and Parks

Surbiton Fishponds

These picturesque fishponds at the border of Surbiton and Tolworth offer another impressive site to visit. As the name suggests, you’ll find beautiful ponds which bring a peaceful setting where you can unwind or take a casual stroll. There’s rich bird life here too, making it fascinating for birdwatchers.

Alexandra Park

Moving over to neighbouring Surbiton, Alexandra Park is not to be missed if you enjoy spending time outdoors. It offers different walks based on your preference – from woodland walks to trails along manicured gardens. It has sporting facilities and picturesque views over the Surbiton town centre.

Berrylands Nature Reserve

Close to Tolworth, Berrylands Nature Reserve finds itself tucked away in suburban Kingston upon Thames. This small yet wonderfully diverse natural oasis comprises a network of paths through meadows and wetlands, home to various wildlife species.

Hogsmill River Park

Following Hogsmill river leads you past Tolworth towards Hogsmill River Park. It is a charming place offering both riverside and woodland walks in one location. You might find this place interesting if photography is your pursuit, with its scenic spots featuring the river, flora, fauna or all three!

Kingston Road Recreation Ground

This is a great green space in the heart of Tolworth. It is on Kingston Road and it gives you plenty of room to take leisurely strolls or simply enjoy a bit of sun on a lazy afternoon. Even better? It conveniently features outdoor exercise equipment if you’re looking to add some fitness routines to your walks. Children also have ample space to run around here, making it suitable for family outings.

Fishponds Park

You’ll spot Fishponds Park nestled between Riverhill and Ewell Road. Formerly fish ponds for monastic farms centuries ago. Today, this park offers beautiful flora and fauna, as well as water bodies teeming with life. There is an enchanting network of paths that crisscross the area, providing much-needed tranquillity away from city life. Grab your picnic blanket and enjoy relaxing by the pond on sunny days.

Sixty Acre Woods

If woodland walks are more your style, Sixty Acre Woods should be next on your list. An impressively sized forest land located off Court Farm Avenue just west of Tolworth’s main district, these woods provide excellent walking trails amid mature tall trees. Wildlife spotting can be great fun here – look out for rabbits darting across paths or birds soaring above.

Tolworth Court Moated Manor Nature Reserve

Soak up local history while enjoying nature at this extraordinary place in Tolworth. The reserve has marked out trails which guide you through wildflower meadows – perfect for summer walks when they’re in bloom! Be sure to check out the historical ruins of a moated manor house within this sprawling natural oasis.

These spots offer unique experiences but all are great for enjoying fresh air and spending time outdoors – certainly enhancing appeal if you’re considering moving into neighbourhoods filled with more than just concrete buildings!

Employment opportunities

Sure, let’s take a stroll through Tolworth and some of its major employers.

South West Trains

Based in Tolworth, South West Trains is a significant employer in the area. As a key part of the UK’s railway network, employment opportunities with them range vastly from engineering to customer service roles. If you’re interested in the logistics and function of transportation or have a passion for providing excellent customer service, this could be an ideal place for you.


The multinational supermarket chain Lidl has a large presence in Tolworth via its many stores. They offer diverse job roles – from store management to its fresh food departments, bakery, and beyond. Besides offering secure employment prospects, they are known for employee satisfaction and dynamic growth paths.

Kingston University

Just minutes away from Tolworth, Kingston University is one of the top employers in the area. They employ a variety of staff members from administrative services to research scholars and lecturers across different faculties, such as Business & Social Sciences and Health, Social Care & Education, among others. You don’t need to be an academic or researcher; there are myriad roles required to make such institutions run smoothly.

NHS Foundation Trust

A few miles away lies one of England’s largest NHS Foundation Trusts catering to mental health- the South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG). Specialising in mental health services implies ample job opportunities not just for medical professionals but also for supporting staff teams like HR, administration, finance, etc.

Remember that while some of these companies provide many jobs locally, Tolworth also benefits from being close to London – it’s only a short train journey into the city with all the career prospects that it offers.


The Tolworth Broadway

This bustling high street is the heart of Tolworth’s shopping district. It features a wide range of stores, from well-known brands to independent shops. You can find clothing boutiques, homeware stores, electronics shops, and more. There are also several beauty salons, barbershops, and nail bars for your pampering needs. Besides the retail outlets, you’ll find a variety of cafes and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat.

The Surbiton Farmers’ Market

Held every month on St Mark’s Hill in nearby Surbiton, this farmers’ market offers fresh produce straight from local farmers. Here you can buy organic fruits and vegetables, artisan breads, locally sourced cheeses, and much more. It’s a great place to explore the vibrant food scene in the area and support local businesses.

Broadway Shopping Centre

Broadway Shopping Centre is one of the popular retail destinations in Tolworth. You’ll find it conveniently near Tolworth Broadway, a lively area with plenty of public transportation options, making it really easy to access. With extensive selection ranging from grocery shops such as Marks & Spencer Simply Food, fashion retailers including TK Maxx and several eateries that cater to different cravings, you’re likely never going to run out of choices. The centre also has a car park facility which can be quite useful if you’re driving down for your shopping trips.

Hook Parade

Located a couple miles away from Tolworth town centre is Hook Parade, another favourite amongst locals. This shopping area serves to those who appreciate small charming boutiques and independent stores over huge chains. A walk along Hook Road reveals bakeries positively whiffing of fresh bread and confectioneries, unique clothing shops and speciality stores that turn everyday shopping into an adventure. It feels much more intimate here – like being part of close-knit community considering its size compared to large chain stores.

Surbiton Town Centre

Just a short bus ride away from Tolworth is Surbiton Town Centre that offers a wider range of shops and restaurants, giving you many more interesting options for your retail therapy sessions or dining adventures. High street brands like Sainsbury’s coexist with chic boutiques selling designer threads and quirky homeware items; there are also plenty of cafes where you could sip coffee whilst people watching or simply just unwind with friends after a long day.