Decorating a New Build – Pros and Cons

Posted April 19, 2024
Decorating a New Build – Pros and Cons

When you enter your new build home, the clean walls might seem appealing, but do they show your personal taste?

Deciding to paint your new home is not just about picking colours—it’s about turning a house into your own sanctuary.

Let’s explore why you might want to paint and why it could be wise to wait.

Reasons to Paint Your New Build Home

Express Your Style: Painting lets you show off your personal style and feelings. Calming blues can create a relaxing bedroom, while bright yellows may energise an office space. The colour choice significantly influences how you feel at home.

Update Your Space: A good deal of new build homes have neutral colours that may not suit modern trends or your preferences. Painting can quickly refresh the look of your home in line with contemporary styles.

Perfect the Finish: Even new homes can have minor scuffs or flaws from construction work. A fresh coat of paint can cover these imperfections and give rooms a polished appearance right away.

Optimise Lighting: Using certain paint colours can enhance lighting in your home—lighter shades make spaces appear brighter and larger, which is helpful in areas with limited natural light.

Reasons to Hold Off on Painting Your New Build Home

Financial Considerations: Painting an entire house requires time and money investment—after buying a new property, budgets are often tight; paints and supplies cost quite a bit too.

Time and Effort Needed: Moving into a new place involves many tasks, like arranging furniture or setting up services; adding painting projects might increase stress if other responsibilities also demand attention.

Warranty Concerns: Some warranties for newly built houses could be compromised by significant alterations such as painting—always check homeowner agreements before starting any major work that could void coverage.

Structural Settling: As buildings settle over their first few years, small cracks may develop on walls—if painted too soon after moving in, touch-ups might be needed later because of these shifts.

Deciding whether to paint depends on individual priorities, lifestyle choices,and practical issues.

If making it feel more personalised ranks high, you might enjoy taking up this project. On the other hand, the timing might not be right because of financial constraints, time limits or warranty concerns. In such cases, it’s perfectly fine living with existing decor until the time is right.